AquaWorks Polyfiber Activated Carbon Filter Pad 30 x 30cm

AquaWorks Polyfiber Activated Carbon Filter Pad 30 x 30cm The AquaWorks Polyfiber Carbon Pad is a PowerPad impregnated with a high purity activated Carbon. The Carbon Pad quickly removes colours and odours chemically, but also mechanically cleans the water by trapping suspended solids and contaminants Cut to size filter media Can be washed and re-used Promotes fish health by improving water quality Removes organic waste and contaminants Measures 30cm x 30cm Suitable for the fresh and saltwater use AquaWorks Polyfiber Carbon Filter Pads are designed for: Canister Filters Internal Filters Hang on Filters Top Filter Wet/Dry Filters Top Filter Pond Filters and any other Aquarium or Pond filtration units Directions: Cut to size as required No rinsing required before using Replace every 2-4 weeks

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