AquaWorks Polyfiber Ammonia Pad 30 x 30cm

AquaWorks Polyfiber Ammonia Pad 30 x 30cm - Self Cut Filter Pad The AquaWorks Polyfiber Ammo-Elim is a PowerPad impregnated with Zeolite to remove toxic Ammonia - the number one killer of aquarium fish from new or established aquariums. Cut to size filter media Can be washed and re-used Promotes fish health by improving water quality Removes Toxic Ammonia Measures 30cm x 30cm Suitable for the fresh and saltwater use AquaWorks Polyfiber Ammonia Pads are designed for: Canister Filters Internal Filters Hang on Filters Top Filter Wet/Dry Filters Top Filter Pond Filters and any other Aquarium or Pond filtration units Directions: Cut to size as required No rinsing required before using Replace every 2-4 weeks

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