Aristopet Vitamin Drops for Birds 125ml

Aristopet Vitamin Drops for Birds 125ml is an everyday vitamin supplement specifically formulated for caged birds such as cockatiels, budgerigars, canaries, and finches. This high-quality formula is rich in vitamins which will provide your aviary bird with essential nutrients to help maintain excellent health and condition all year around and can be easily dissolved in your pet’s drinking water for fuss-free administration. The key features of Aristopet Vitamin Drops for Birds 125ml are: All-round supplement designed to maintain the everyday health and wellbeing of caged pet birds. High-potency concentrate mixture with essential vitamins and minerals to develop body and muscle strength. Added iodine and lysine to prevent common deficiency. Easy to add to drinking water, food, or can be dosed into the beak directly for quick administration

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