B.V.M. + Probiotic 1kg

If your chicken or aviary bird health is important, you need to supplement their feed with essential minerals and probiotics.BVM probiotic pink powder provides poultry and Aviary birds with the key vitamins and minerals they require for optimum health. The powder is also rich in probiotics, aiding digestive well-being. Put half a cup of BVM powder in a clean, dry container. Place this container in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. By putting the container in a feeder or in a raised position you will stop the birds from scratching in the powder - this will help to keep it clean This powder can also be mixed with wet feed. This also includes mixing with soft food with added wetting agent (seed oil etc) We do not not recommend for use with dry seeds or pellet mixes. As real-life conditions vary, monitor your birds carefully when first using BVM Pink Powder. For some birds, free access may not be the best option and a more controlled administration through feed will be necessary. The use of BVM with other dietary supplements and some fortified or complete feeds (pellets, mash or seed mixes with vitamins and minerals added) is not recommended, as too much of a nutrient can be just as damaging as too little. Bird health and behavior is your best indication of whether BVM is working for you.

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