B.V.M. + Probiotic Pink Powder 4kg

Keep your Birds, Chickens and Hens, Pigeons and Ducks in their best condition. The BVM Probiotic Bird Vitamin Mineral Supplement 4kg is the industry leader in Probiotic Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for your Birds. Unlike Wild Birds, Aviary Birds, Caged Birds and Birds in Coops simply can't get the same diet as Wild Birds. Even with Quality feeds not all the essentials are covered. BVM is the Tasty Supplement for your Birds that helps keep them in their natural top form. It is also formulated to help where signs of Low Nutritional Illness may be starting to show. Originally developed for racing pigeon conditioning, BVM + Protexin © Probiotic is now used by bird-keepers Australia-wide. It is the leading dietary supplement for pigeons, chickens and aviary birds, providing everything that birds need to ensure good health.

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