Blue Planet Deco Mini White 10lt 33.5x 13.6 x 31cm

Blue Planet Aquarium Deco O Mini 10L White is a smaller premium and contemporary aquarium for the home designed to offer aquatic life a calm and natural habitat. This stylish tank includes a 10 litre capacity complete with a built-in HPLED lighting system with features including day and moonlight mode, and an integrated filtration system to help provide your pet fish with a clean, oxygen-rich, and habitable environment to enjoy. The key features of the Blue Planet Aquarium Deco O Mini 10L White are: Small designer aquarium suitable for a variety of fish and reptiles. Includes 10 litre tank, lid, filtration system, water pump, and HPLED light system. Integrated filtration system to provide aquatic life with a constant flow of oxygenated water. Water pump is built into the tank d├ęcor for a sleek, minimalist appearance. Quick and easy set-up is ideal for new starters. Cables are discreetly affixed under hood lid to allow for maximum viewing pleasure without messy electrical wiring.

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