DGG Hemp Oil Shampoo 400ml

Dedicated pampering with the specialised benefits of natural hemp oil. Since the sale of hemp products was legalised in Australia in 2014 hemp oil has overwhelmingly become the oil of choice for the conscientious pet owner. Hemp has been embraced for it’s ability to heal and for its seemingly miraculous medicinal properties. As nature’s “best medicine” hemp safely and naturallyworks towards supporting your four-legged friend, helping them towards optimum health and wellbeing. Benefits of Hemp Oil: Anti-inflammatory properties neutralise skin disorders such as rashes, dandruff and eczema. Calms anxious and nervous dogs alleviating their stress levels. Can enhance blood circulation which stimulates fur re-growth and reduces shedding. Adds moisture to skin and hair resulting in a healthier, shinier coat. Reduces environmental oxidative damage to skin and fur. Helps with inflammed joints and works to ease painful arthritis.

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