Dine A Chook Mealworms 80g

Dine A Chook Natural Dried Mealworms 80g are a high-Quality Protein Treat for Chickens, Wild Birds as well as reptiles. Fast facts about Dried Mealworms 80g: 100% Natural Dehydrated Dried Mealworms No preservatives or additives High in protein as well as Amino acids Aids healthy egg production Up to 5 times as much protein as live worms without the mess or high mortality rate Lasts up to 12 months Resealable pack for freshness Can be rehydrated for softening Our meals have a higher protein content than many other brands. Dine A Chook is the manufacturer, so you are not paying for overpriced markup of an unknown brand name. Contains: 53% protein, 28% fat, 6% fibre, 5% moisture

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