Equishure 1.25kg

KERx EQUISHURE promotes normal digestive function by aiding in the maintenance of an optimal hindgut environment. Encapsulation technology ensures targeted release directly in the hindgut. The demands placed on horses, as both athletes and breeding animals, dictate that substantial quantities of energy-rich feeds be consumed. Disturbances in the normal hindgut environment are thought to result from overconsumption of either high-starch concentrates or pasture grasses rich in fructans (sugars). Features & Benefits > Maintain normal hindgut pH to reduce the risk of abnormal hindgut function. > Encapsulation technology allows for targeted delivery of sodium bicarbonate to the hindgut. > Maintain normal digestive efficiency. Recommended for horses; > on moderate to high grain diets > grazing lush pasture > in hard work or undergoing sales preparation. KERx EQUISHURETM can be used in racehorses.Its use is covered by the ‘Clear Day rule’ in the Australian Rules of Racing for the use of alkalinising agents. Active Constituents Monoglycerides, sodium bicarbonate, hydrogenated vegetable oil. Available pack sizes 1.25kg > 10-20 days supply 7.2kg > 60-120 days supply 18kg > 150-300 days supply.

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