In-Fusion MSM 1kg

In-Fusion MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is ultra pure bioavailable form of sulphur. SOURCES OF MSM MSM is naturally occurring and is found in feed stuffs. Due to drying and processing of these feed stuffs can greatly reduce or may completely destroy the MSM in these feed stuffs and therefore supplementation is beneficial. Reasons For Sulphur Aid in the formation of all connective tissue in the horses body, including joint cartridge; To promote a healthy metabolism, protein synthesis and communication between nerve cells; For the production of glutathione which is one of the body’s best natural antioxidants; For the production of Keratin which is a major component of hair, hooves and skin; MSM can support your horse when dietary levels of MSM is low and can assist with muscle repair, joint support, hoof, skin and hair condition.

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