In-Stride Hoof Supplement 400g

In-Stride Hoof Supplement has been developed by a equine specialist vet for Evolution Animal Care. It is an Australian made product and perfect for horses in harsh Australian conditions. In-Stride Hoof Supplement contains high quality and bio available ingredients to support hoof growth and hardness and may have a beneficial effect on hair and skin health. It includes: Zinc Chelate, Copper Chelate, Biotin, Methionine, Gelatin, Vitamin C. In-Stride Hoof Supplement is recommended for use in horses with laminitis, heel cracks, White Line Disease, wall separation, thin soles, brittle and cracked walls, sole abscesses and hoof deformities such as dishing and low heels. Usage: For best results, split over morning and night feeds. It is a fine powder that is easily mixed in with feed, feeds that are watered down, or has added honey or molasses.

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