Kazoo Dog Clipper 4000 Groomer

The Kazoo Dog Groomer 4000 is a professional clipper ideally suited for use in grooming salons or by experienced show dog groomers. This efficient, electric trimmer is perfect for cutting and shaping a variety of coat lengths thanks to the adjustable blade action and offers 2 speeds for precision cutting and 4 attachment combs to allow optimal control and effortless blending for a natural finish. The key features of the Kazoo Dog Groomer 4000 are: High-quality, reliable motor trimmer suitable for professional and domestic show use. Uses the latest cutting-edge blade technology to provide precision trimming. Adjustable 2-speed setting allows you easy control over grooming style. 4 attachment combs for optimal trimming of different breeds and coat lengths. Lightweight and easy-to-handle for your comfort. Quiet motor to help minimise and reduce stress in anxious pets. Can be used for everyday trimming and all-over clipping. Rechargeable for regular use

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