Kilverm Pig & Poultry Wormer 500ml

Fast, Simple Effective - Kilverm Poultry Wormer 500ml is the best way to deworm Chickens and Poultry. If you have backyard chickens, you should be worming them every 6 - 8 months. Kilverm Poultry Wormer 500ml is a broad-spectrum treatment that is effective in a single dose. It is an essential part of chicken coop management of your flock. Kilverm Poultry Wormer 500ml details: Simple and easy to use a liquid wormer Just add to drinking water Kills Threadworm and Hairworm Treats and Kills Roundworm Kills Caecal Worm Safe for Chickens, Roosters, Laying Hens, Meat Birds, and other domestic fowl This wormer is also suitable for pigs, treating roundworm, stomach worm, lungworm, nodule worm, and mature kidney worm Kilverm is Australian-manufactured and trusted throughout the Poultry industry Made by Vetsense, national leaders in quality assured animal care products How to worm chickens with Kilverm Poultry Wormer Used for both preventative and therapeutic use with laying hens, ornamental fowl, and meat birds. For best results, worming chickens should take place every 6 to 8 months, usually in Spring and Autumn, even if you are unsure that you have chickens with worms. To worm chickens with Kilverm: Withhold water for 2 hours before nightfall In the morning, prepare medicated drinking water: 10 ml of Kilverm per 6 kg of bird body weight. Dilute in freshwater at a rate of 1:20 (10 ml of medication to 200 ml water) Make the medicated water available at daybreak Replace the medicated water when consumed or after 8 hours, whichever is first Clean and disinfect the coop thoroughly 24 hours after treatment to avoid reinfection from eggs or larvae. Repeat treatment 2 weeks after the initial dose. Kilverm is recommended for use as a wormer in both laying hens and meat birds. Do not use Kilverm within 7 days of slaughter for human consumption. Eggs from chickens treated with Kilverm have not shown any residues and are safe for consumption. Read instructions carefully before use and follow closely. As with any medication, Kilverm Poultry Wormer may be damaging to the health of your birds if not used according to directions. Kilverm is not for human use. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If ingested, seek medical help immediately.

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