Kohnke's Own Gastro Coat 1kg

Natural Supplement for Stomach Irritation and Gastric Health Gastric ulcers (EGUS), or even mild gastric irritation can make horses sensitive in the stomach, girthy, reluctant to go forward or a picky eater. Gastric ulcers are a problem in 60-90% of horses in training and competition. Kohnke’s Own Gastro-Coat is a natural, helpful supplement for gastric issues, with multiple actions in the stomach and small intestine to help horses feel more comfortable, improving digestive health and maintaining appetite. Many vets prescribe omeprazole-based drugs when horses show symptoms of EGUS. Gastro-Coat is highly complementary to EGUS medications with different but synergistic actions. Gastro-Coat is also much more economical and can be used long-term without ill-effects

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