Kong Rewards Tennis Ball Large

Looks just like an enlarged tennis ball but is actually constructed with hard, durable rubber material for long-lasting use The ball has an unpredictable movement to keep your dog guessing which way it’s going to roll The two holes make repeated use quick and easy The largest hole has a handy funnel with another hole located at the other end of the funnel - the funnel makes it fast and simple for you to fill the ball with your dog's dinner By filling the ball with your dog's meal, it helps to slow down mealtime, reduces gulping and assists weight management The other hole is a bit smaller and is great for placing treats inside or you can even poke a long stick-shaped treat right through the middle Another fun idea is to put peanut butter or another yummy paste inside and then place it in the freezer - this will prolong playtime and have your pup licking their lips all day long!

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