Kumfi Complete Control Harness Small

The Kumfi Complete Control Harness has three control points and is simple to adjust with only two adjustment points. After adjustment it is also simple to fit on the dog. One of the side squeeze buckles can be left attached after adjustment is completed. To fit, place on the dog by putting its head through first, lift one leg through the snapped up loop then snap together the remaining buckle. The reason for the fitting of the two side squeeze buckles rather than one is that the tummy strap and indeed the whole harness provides for much more stability, it does not slip or pull over to the one side when attached to a lead, nor can the dog back out of the harness if it is adjusted correctly. Features of the Kumfi Complete Control Harness: Helps control pulling Calms and controls excitable dogs Multi functional - for exercise or as a car harness Fully adjustable Fitting & training guide enclosed

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