Lexi & Me Memory Foam Bed Large

Provide your pet with the supportive sleep they deserve everyday with the premium Memory Bed. With flexible and long-lasting memory foam that will mold to your dog's body shape and weight, the super supportive foam will ensure your dog wakes up feeling rejuvenated. Memory foam also has orthopaedic properties that provide your dog with extra joint support. With a soft feel, non-skid base to prevent slipping and a removable, easy-wash cover, this bed is perfect for all dogs and cats. Brand: Lexi & Me For: Dog Bed Features • Premium, Flexible and Long-Lasting Memory Foam • Supportive Foam to Ensure Your Pet Wakes Up Feeling Rejuvenated • Extra Joint Support • Removable, Easy Wash Cover • Non-Skid Base Prevents Bed Slipping • Overall Superior Comfort • Non-Toxic Memory Foam

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