Lice N Simple 100ml

Lice 'N' Simple is a pour-on solution for the control of biting lice on horses. It provides effective control of biting lice Werneckiella (Bovicola) equi on horses, with a single treatment. Lice 'N' Simple contains the insect growth regulator triflumuron, which interferes with insect chitin synthesis and acts primarily against immature lice, causing death by rupturing themalformed cuticle and/or by insect starvation. Composition: Triflumuron 25 g/L. Description: Colourless liquid. Warnings: Do not contaminate dams, ponds, rivers, waterways or drains with pesticide or used containers. Can be detrimental to certain plastics, paints and surface finishes. Avoid contact with such surfaces. Precautions: Use with caution on horses with existing dermatitis or broken skin. Withholding Periods: Meat 28 days

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