NAS Digestavite Plus 100g

Using DigestaVite Plus daily is a great complement to any diet and ensures your pets have a complete and balanced diet for overall health and wellbeing. DigestaVite Plus is easy to use in a powder form, is great tasting and requires one small serve per day sprinkled on your pets food. Feeding your pet a high quality, well-balanced and complete food is one of the most important decisions you will make to ensure your pet remains strong and healthy for life. So how do you know your pet is getting the right vitamins and nutrients in their diet? DigestaVite Plus is a great tasting, mega-complex dietary supplement containing 35 essential vitamins, minerals, pre-biotics and anti-oxidants sourced from high quality, natural ingredients. Designed to give maximum support for overall digestion, detox, support for immune system and to nourish skin & coat. DigestaVite Plus is the perfect complement to your pet’s diet, ensuring they have all the vitamins and minerals necessary for a complete and balanced diet. Your pet will benefit in many ways from only one small serve per day. Low serve rate makes it cost-effective and easy to supplement your pets diet. In many cases you will see the benefits within days as your pet absorbs all the necessary nutrients to support their overall health and wellbeing. Great value (Up to 200 doses per container) Real liver added for flavour Contains added Pre-biotic Maintain healthy gut bacteria for fewer and firmer stools Assist with bad breath stemming from the stomach Maintain skin and coat health Maintain digestion and intestinal health Liver support and detoxification Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages

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