Oxymav B Antibiotic Powder 100g

The Oxymav B Antibiotic is a must have for all owners of Caged Birds. Oxymav B is the most trusted way to get onto of illness caused by bacterial infection. It is also exceptionally effective in the treatment of respiratory infections. This is a medical treatment so use as per prescription on the label. Oxymav B Antibiotic 100gm for Caged Birds details For use in the treatment of respiratory and bacterial infections A prescription is not necessary Do not use for food producing Animals Not for use in treatment of Birds which are to be used for Meat Consumption Do not use for treatment of Birds to be used for Egg Consumption Use only as per label instructions or as per Vet prescription What is the Oxymav B Antibiotic for? Bacterial infections in caged birds and ornamental birds can make your birds very ill, and may even cause death. Bacterial chest infections such as CRD are widespread in chickens and may require antibiotic treatment. Other illnesses which the Oxymav B Antibiotic is suitable for include: Chlamydia, actinomyces, protozoa and also Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria Respiratory Illness, Infection and Disease is a very serious condition. It is caused by many factors including Stress, Poor Housing Hygiene and other factors. Using this product as well as address housing size and Hygiene may help to getting your bird back to great health. Seek Professional Advice if the problem persists.

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