PetSafe® ScatMat™ Indoor Pet Training Mat, 48 in x 20 in, Large

Training your pet should be simple, so PetSafe® ScatMat™ Indoor Pet Training Mat is here to help! With this training mat, teach your cat to notjump on the kitchen counter or your dog to not on your delicate furniture. ScatMat™ training mats are battery-operated, clear, vinyl and easy to use in all areas of your home. It comes in 5 sizes that are great for countertops, couches and even around your Christmas tree. When your pet steps on the training mat, they will feel a safe yet startling static correction. There are 3 correction levels so you can choose either a low, medium or high setting depending on the temperament of your pet. To help during the training process, a blinking indicator light will let you know how many times your pet has stepped on the ScatMat™ training mat. With a little training, your pet will learn to stay out of trouble. If you need to protect a larger area in your home, you can purchase ScatMat™ Extension Mats (sold separately) and connect them to your current ScatMat™. PetSafe® brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together™. Features Training Tool - Use ScatMat™ training mats to teach dogs and cats of all sizes to not play on the furniture, jump on countertops and which areas of the house are off limits Easy to Use - Place the training mat indoors on the area you want your pet to avoid; When your pet steps on the mat, they will receive a safe yet startling static correction Customizable Correction - 3 correction levels allow you to choose either a low, medium or high setting based on the temperament of your cat or dog Easy to Store - Simply roll up this clear, flexible vinyl mat when you need to store it away 5 Sizes - Available in a variety of sizes to cover different areas in your home Battery Operated - ScatMat™ training mat is battery operated and requires a 9-Volt battery (not included); You can also purchase an optional ScatMat™ Power Adaptor if desired (not included) System Includes (Accessories) 1 ScatMat 40 in X 20 in

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