Prime100 SPD RAW Kangaroo 3.2kg Bulk Pack

Note: Selected stores ONLY. SPD™ RAW™ Kangaroo is a biologically appropriate raw food diet. An advanced novel Single Protein Diet designed to provide targeted, functional nutrition for healthy dogs and dogs experiencing one (or more) common health indications. Balanced formulation Targeted nutrition Preventative and diagnostic benefits Therapeutic benefits Kangaroo is a protein with a dense nutrient profile – high in protein and low in fat (3%), making SPD™ RAW™ Kangaroo a highly effective diet for building muscle and controlling weight. Kangaroo is also a low cross-reactivity protein, with dogs allergic to other meat proteins (e.g. beef, chicken) less likely to be allergic to kangaroo. Preventative pet nutrition and therapeutic functionality (for example, dermatitis or gastrointestinal issues) are packed into this convenient SPD™ RAW™ package. This diet is suitable for, and can assist with diagnosing and treatment of certain indications. Novel Protein Dermatitis Diabetes Food aversion Food intolerance IBD Joint issues Pancreatitis Weight loss



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