Prime100 SPD RAW Lamb 3.2kg Bulk Pack

Note: Selected Stores ONLY. SPD™ RAW™ Lamb is a biologically appropriate raw food diet. A Single Protein Diet designed to provide targeted, functional nutrition for puppies, active adult dogs, and dogs experiencing one (or more) common health indications. Balanced formulation Targeted nutrition Preventative and diagnostic benefits Therapeutic benefits Lamb is a digestible, species appropriate, protein with a low allergenic profile. Lamb is an excellent protein choice, and a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin – for active and growing dogs. SPD™ RAW™ Lamb will help dogs recovering from exercise, and is also suitable for dogs that may be suffering from skin indications and weight management problems. Functional and naturally beneficial ingredients such as hemp seed oil and green lipped mussel extract support joints and offer pain relief. This diet is suitable for, and can assist with diagnosing and treatment of certain indications. Dermatitis Digestive issues Food aversion Joint support Anti-inflammtory support



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