Stockgain 5lt

ANIMAL LIQUID SWEET FEED Key Benefits • Packed with minerals, vitamins & electrolytes • Help improve feed consumption and digestion • Help improve water consumption and kidney health • Reduces feed wastage • Micro and macro minerals for rehydration • Vitamins and salts for horse health • Does NOT return a positive swab. NRG Stockgain is extremely versatile • Save money by adding NRG Stockgain directly to any dry feeds to improve digestion and reduce wastage. Pour directly over hay or dry fodder to maximise consumption. • Mask powders and medicines with the sweet taste of NRG Stockgain for a hassle-free dosage. Pre-mix before adding to feed. • Add small quantities to water to encourage fussy drinkers or mask poor tasting water sources. Particularly when travelling away with horses, where water quality may be unreliable or taste different. • Re-hydrate quickly after heavy exercise by adding NRG Stockgain to water for greatly improved consumption, encouraging them to drink more, improving quicker cell re-hydration and kidney health.

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