TONKA Mega Tread Ball Black 3"

Tonka Dog Toys forge the strength of real road-ready tires into some of the toughest toys for you and your dog to play with. From engaging treat dispensers, to tough chew toys, to rugged tugs, these Tonka Dog Toys have teeth-cleaning thick tire-tread grip that is built to withstand all your dog's might. With its striking yellow and black colour combination, there's no mistaking what it is. and who it's from. With dog toys built to last, you'll know that it's Tonka TOUGH. The Tonka tough 3inch Mega Tread Ball is hefty for those who need the toughest chew. The MEGA tread ball is made simply for the big boys, who love to chew and to have something to carry around with them at all times. With the familiar ball shape that all dogs know, its easy for them to fall in love with this toy. And, with its deep treat pattern and high durability, it can last them to their heart's content. Please ensure this toy is suitable for your pet's preferences, chewing habits and size, remembering that no toy is completely indestructible.

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