Topizole Medicated Shampoo 250ml

Topizole is a fantastic medicated shampoo that will treat a variety of skin conditions, Unknown itching, hairloss, redness etc - if caused by a bacterial of fungal infection then Topizole is going to help to clear it up. Topizole is a generic to Malaseb, it contains the same active ingrediants however it is not exactly the same as the shampoo base is different. Topizole is a medicated shampoo developed for use in dogs and cats with various skin infections such as: malassezia (yeast) Fungi (ringworm) Wide range of gram-postive and gram negative bacteria. Effective for dogs and cats against chlorhexiding-sensitive and miconazole senisitve bacteria, fungi and yeast Active ingrediants are Miconazole Nitrate 20g/L Chlorhexiding Gluconate 20g/L ( same active ingrediants as Malaseb!) Both ingredients are clinically proven and extremely effective. These actives are formulated in a multifunctional shampoo base which removes scale, potential allergens and excess grease whilst leaving a clean, lustrous and well conditioned coat

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