Tropiclean Fresh Breath Drops 52ml

Looking after your dog’s dental health doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, Tropiclean’s Fresh Breath Drops make it unbelievably simple. Just pop a few drops into your dog’s drinking water every day and...actually, that’s all you need to do! Your dog will take care of the rest when they drink. This natural formulation contains green tea extract and freshens your dog’s breath for up to twelve hours. It also helps your dog’s dental hygiene. It’s odourless and tasteless, so your dog won’t know it’s there. But you’ll notice the difference whenever your dog hops up onto your lap for a hug. Made with natural ingredients, including green tea extract Helps maintain your dog’s dental health without the need to brush their teeth Add around three drops to your dog’s water every day Taste and odour free Helps keep your dog’s teeth clean, as well as freshening their breath for up to twelve hours

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