Yours Droolly Oxi-Pet Stain Remover Powder 600g

Yours Droolly Oxi Pet Laundry Soaker Stain And Odour Cleaner is the Perfect Way to Remove Unwanted Clothing Stains The ultimate pet-formulated stain remover powder Effective in-wash stain and odour boost, pre-soak, and spot treatment Great for use on stains and odours caused by dogs, cats, and other pets on machine-washable products Oxi-action formulation uses a dual bleaching system and offers effective emulsification for the removal of all stains and dramatically reduces bacteria when used at 40 degrees Perfect for pet owners looking to effectively remove stains and odours, including blood, faeces and vomit Great for bedding, clothing, bed covers, pillows and other machine washable products Suitable for all fabrics, linens and clothing In-home solution Biodegradable 20g scoop included in the pack

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